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The New Standard of Crew Medical Care

More than ever before, pressing maritime priorities require an innovative focus on crew member health. As one of the most vital and necessary components of today’s interdependent industry supply chain, vessel owners, steamship agents, and P & I Clubs rely on quality crew member health services to keep business moving. In turn, this is not only proving to elevate the quality of crew member health, it is increasing business productivity, reducing costs and claims to vessel owners, along with streamlining overall maritime operations.

MHS leads the charge in facilitating the delivery of the maritime industry’s highest quality crew medical care. Our quality-first focus, boots on the ground medical service support, and transparent, real-time electronic health updates provide all responsible parties with 100% visibility into the entire lifecycle of crew members treatment process. This is trust and integrity you can see – it’s the new standard of crew medical care.

MHS saves time,
money - and lives.
MHS’ award winning services have transformed the crew medical industry. Quality crew medical care more than translates into significant time and cost savings. It saves lives.
Customer Quotes
Mrs Franica Matic
This is perfect medical reporting system. Our compliments !
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